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Crucial Information About Climate Controlled Storage Units

There are several benefits to utilizing climate controlled storage. Climate controlled storage unit is a type of storage with a constant temperature and moistness level controlled by the facility. This helps ensure that your stored products aren’t spoilt by excess cold, humidity, or heat. Temperatures are often maintained at 55-85 degrees Fahrenheit and the moistness level is about 55%.
Now that you understand what a climate controlled storage unit is, you ought to determine whether you need one or not. Generally speaking, it’s your best option for all your storage. Nonetheless, there are three major queries to ask yourself in order to determine whether it is a good choice.
How long will you be keeping your belongings? If you will be keeping your belongings for less than 3 months, you may not need a climate controlled storage unit. If you need storage for one or more years, a climate controlled storage unit would be the best. When you’re storing for longer durations, you will be experiencing the lows and highs of the four seasons and exposing your products to potential damage.
How is the climate where you reside? A climate controlled storage unit ought to be a priority if you reside in a region with extreme temperatures. For instance, high dampness in the southern states and extreme heat in the southeast are used to witnessing temperatures that typical products wouldn’t weather well in without climate or temperature control.
What are you storing? Another element to determine is what you’re storing. Not every item requires climate controlled storage, but in case you intend to store art, electronics, antiques, leather and wooden furniture, musical instruments and other products made of natural materials, it’s best to choose a climate controlled storage unit to maintain the integrity of your belongings.

If your response to these queries is ‘yeah’, a climate controlled storage unit will surely be a great option.

How to choose a good climate controlled storage unit

Your location. If you reside at a location that experiences frequent climate fluctuations, adequate temperature control within the storage is crucial. The air and temperature conditions in climate controlled storage units will be pre-set as per the needs of the outside environment.
Accessibility. Anytime accessibility to a storage unit is very imperative. Sometimes, you might require regular access to the unit to put something in or remove things. Thus, ensure the unit will allow you easy access at any time.
Position. The position of your preferred storage unit is critical. In some units, all storage units are sovereign at the ground level. In some instances, the units could be arranged in various floors. If this is the case, it is crucial that you specify which floor you want and check if there’s an elevator to ensure trouble-free transportation of items to the upper floor.
Price. Different climate controlled storage facilities charge different fees. You intend to keep your storage expenses low; however, you should ensure you aren’t compromising crucial elements for the price. Make sure the climate controlled storage units you are considering are able to store your items well before you check their prices.
Security. Security. You don’t desire a storage facility that’ll end up making tales of stolen items. Consider the security measures of prospective storage facilities to ensure your belongings are secure. Factor in elements such as motion lighting, motion detectors, and dire points.

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